How does COROS™ Bone Conduction Technology work?
Bone Conduction bypasses the eardrums and leaves ears open. Sound waves are converted into vibrations delivered through your upper cheekbones. The Cochlea receives the vibrations, bypassing the ear canal and ear drum. For cyclists this is super important because that means you can hear audio AND hear your surroundings as you ride, such as cars and other potentially dangerous obstacles.
Who are COROS™ helmets for?
COROS smart cycling helmets are great for all cyclists–from avid riders to recreational riders, who want the ability to listen to music, take calls and hear turn-by-turn navigation while riding. COROS'bone conduction technology allows riders to enjoy these features while still remaining aware of other sounds such as cars, traffic and potential hazards while riding.
Are COROS™ helmets certified?
Yes, COROS helmets are certified in the United States by the CPSC(Consumer Protection Safety Commission)and in Europe and Australia by their safety governing agencies.
How often should I replace my COROS™ helmet?
Industry standard is to replace your helmet every 2-3 years, and/or any time you have a severe impact because the integrity(safety)of the helmet could be compromised.
How do I become an ambassador for COROS™ ?
Ah, glad you asked. Contact and let us know you are excited about COROS LINX and want to help us get the word out as an ambassador.
What payment methods does COROS™ take?
We accept all major U.S. issued credit cards.
Does COROS™ ship internationally?
Unfortunately, only ships to the United States(Canada coming soon!). Residents of the United Kingdom can purchase at We have distributors in the U.K., France and Australia with more to come soon.
Where can I purchase a COROS™ helmet?
The COROS LINX smart cycling helmet is now available in the U.S. online at and It's also available in select specialty cycling retailers nationwide and we are adding more daily.
How will my helmet ship?
Our helmets ship free of charge via UPS Ground out of our warehouse in Indianapolis, IN.
Can I choose a different shipping method?
Yes, you can choose UPS Three-Day Select(3 business days)or UPS Next Day Air(1 business day)for an additional fee.
I just placed my order. How long does it take to process and ship?
Orders are processed and shipped in 1-2 business days.
Why didn't my coupon code work?
Please verify that you have a valid coupon code, that you're entering the coupon code correctly, that the coupon code hasn't expired, and that you're hitting "Apply. "
What is the COROS™ return policy?
COROS offers a 30-day-money-back guarantee for all orders placed on our website. If for any reason you're not satisfied with your helmet, you can return it for a full refund. Please review the return policy on our website for more details.
To what devices will LINX pair?
LINX is equipped with Bluetooth®v4. 0 and is compatible with all iOS and Android Bluetooth-ready devices. Standard pairing will vary per your mobile device.
Is LINX waterproof?
No. LINX and the smart remote are designed to be dust, sweat and water-resistant to handle the wear of everyday use of rigorous cycling and inclement weather. They cannot be submerged in water.
How do I charge my COROS™ helmet?
You can charge your LINX helmet with the provided micro USB charger. Insert the micro USB end into the micro USB charging port on the helmet, located beneath the protective flap, on the back of the helmet. Insert the standard USB end of the charger into a computer or wall adapter. The LED light on the helmet will be red if the helmet is charging, and green when the helmet is fully charged.
How long will the LINX battery last?
LINX is equipped with a rechargeable lithium ion battery that delivers ten(10)hours of continuous play/talk time.
Where should the speakers rest, when I put the helmet on?
The speakers should fit snug against the top of your cheekbones for optimal sound quality. Please refer to the‘How to Wear Your Helmet'section(pages 3-5)of the COROS Quick Start Guide for more details.
How do I pair my smartphone to my helmet?
Please refer to pages 7 & 8 of the COROS Quick Start Guide.
How do I download the COROS™ Smart Phone App?
You can download the COROS app, using the Apple App Store for iOS or Google Play Store for Android.
How does the COROS™ Smart Remote work?
The smart remote connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Once paired and attached to your bicycle handlebars the remote will allow you to:listen to music and GPS instructions, skip to the next track, change the volume, and accept and hang up phone calls. NOTE:The smart remote requires a 2032 cell battery(included). To make sure the battery works, press the center button–it will light up if the battery is working.
How do I get music to play?
Once paired to the helmet and remote, music can be played from your smartphone by activating your playlist or accessing one of the music apps available to your phones operating system. The sound will come through the bone conduction speakers.
Can I use the COROS™ Smart Phone App for navigation?
Yes, the COROS App can give turn-by-turn navigation instructions with a downloaded route in your ride feature.
How do I activate a ride using the COROS™ Smart Phone App?
You can track your ride using the COROS App–just go to the ride feature icon, a map will pinpoint your location. Once you press the start button, the ride will activate to track your data, which you can save to Strava or MapMyRide at the end of your ride.
Do I need to carry my phone while cycling?
To get the full benefit of LINX you need to have your Bluetooth-enabled device with you so it's in Bluetooth proximity. However, if you want to ride disconnected for a bit, just put the helmet on and ride with the same safety benefits of a non-tech enabled helmet.
I have two bikes;can I buy extra remotes?
Yes, extra smart remotes are available from, or your local bicycle retailer. We also have extra mounts & brackets to easily switch your remote from one bike to another.
What kind of warranty does my helmet come with?
Your helmet comes with a limited one-year warranty from the original date of purchase. Please review the Warranty Policy for more details.
How do I register my helmet for warranty?
To register your helmet for the one-year warranty, complete the online product registration form. You'll need your BLE/Product number–a six-character alpha/numeric number you can find on the COROS LINX sticker inside your helmet.
How do I place a warranty claim?
To place a warranty claim please contact us