How does COROS Bone Conduction Technology work?
Bone Conduction bypasses the eardrums and leaves ears open. Sound waves are converted into vibrations delivered through your upper cheekbones. The Cochlea receives the vibrations, bypassing the ear canal and ear drum. For cyclists this is super important because that means you can hear audio AND hear your surroundings as you ride, such as cars and other potentially dangerous obstacles.
What's in the OMNI package?
In the package you will find OMNI, smart remote, smart remote mount kit (smart remote cradle, smart remote mounting tray, two large and two small rubber mounting rings), charging cable, and snap fit visor.
How long does the COROS helmet battery last?
OMNI 8 hours. LINX 10 hours.
Can multiple remotes work on same COROS helmet?
Absolutely. COROS helmets are able to work with multiple remotes without the hassle of moving the remote and mount each time for different bikes. Please refer to page 8 of the COROS Quick Start Guide for remote pairing instructions. Remotes and mount kits are available for purchase in Amazon US store.
How do I use the walkie-talkie function?
A walkie-talkie accessory kit is required for 2-way communication between riders. However, this accessory kit is not currently available from COROS.
They are compatible with 3rd party Bluetooth enabled walkie-talkie devices as a connected headset. Although we cannot guarantee the compatibility.
I can't keep the transducers flat against my cheekbones, any suggestions?
Adjust the tri-glide splitters on each side of the helmet to move closely to earlobes. If you are wearing glasses, try to wear them over the straps to provide extra pressure for speakers to sit against cheekbones.
Why can't I turn off OMNI when charging?
We are aware of this issue and actively working towards getting this updated. We apologize for this inconvenience. One solution for now is to remove OMNI in Bluetooth setting whenever it is charging.
When do I know COROS helmet is fully charged?
Battery percentage can be found within COROS App after pairing with your phone. Normally, it takes 2 hours for a full charge.
How to adjust the bone conduction speakers?
Hold the chin strap to slide the bone conduction speakers up and down. Adjust the tri-glide splitters on each side of the helmet so that the left strap and right strap come together just under the earlobes.
How to adjust the chin strap?
Detach the Velcro band under the chin to release the rest of the chin strap. Adjust the length of the strap and the location of the buckle to create a comfortable, yet firm tightness around your chin and head.
Why is there no sound from the speakers?
Make sure the COROS helmet is powered on and connected to your device via Bluetooth. Then, check if your COROS helmet is selected as the audio output from your device. Make sure the volume level is not set at mute or minimum.
Does OMNI have turning signal function?
No, OMNI doesn't have a turning signal function.
What is the speed limit on using the microphone?
It is recommended to ride under 25 mph (40 kph) to ensure good sound quality.
Are COROS helmets water resistant?
Yes, COROS helmets are resistant to rain, snow, water, splash, and sweat due to (IPX5) water resistance rating.


To what devices will COROS helmets pair?
COROS helmets are compatible with all iOS and Android Bluetooth-ready devices. Standard pairing will vary per your mobile device.
How to pair with your phone?
To pair your helmet to your phone, first power on the helmet. On your phone, turn Bluetooth “On”. To enter the Bluetooth pairing interface in COROS App, go to “Device” and select “Add New Device”, and select the helmet you wish to pair. Detailed pairing instructions can be found on pages 7 & 8 on Quick Start Guide.


Should I download COROS App?
Absolutely! Although COROS helmets can work without the COROS App, it is recommended that you download the app to enjoy all the features and benefits that come with our helmets.
Use the app to connect your helmet and the COROS Smart Remote. Track your rides and ride history to include distance, time, average speed, max speed, calories burned, elevation and more. Connect and sync your ride data with popular apps such as STRAVA™.
How do I activate a ride using the COROS app?
You can track your ride using the COROS App. Just go to the ride feature icon, a map will pinpoint your location. Once you press the start button, the ride will activate to track your data, which you can save to STRAVA™ at the end of your ride.
How to check if the COROS helmet is up to date?
Please pair your helmet with phone and open COROS App. Under “Device” page at “Firmware Update” section you will be able to download new firmware and update your COROS helmet.


How to clean COROS helmets?
Clean the helmet with mild soapy water. Avoid use of specific solvents such as ammonia, bleach, paints, abrasives or hydrocarbons which may damage the helmet and cause it to fail to protect your head in the event of an accident.
How to change the paddings?
Locate the left and right plastic strap of the rear adjustment stabilizer. Each strap snaps into the left and right side of the helmet and holds the foam padding in place.
Once you have unsnapped the plastic strap, you can remove the existing foam padding and replace with the new foam padding. There are Velcro connector points inside the helmet to hold the padding in place.
Make sure both the left and right rear stabilizer straps are secured after replacing the foam and before using your helmet.

Other Topics

How to register OMNI for warranty?
First, create a COROS account in COROS App using your email. If you use a separate method to sign up, such as Facebook, it is important that you link your email to the app in the “Account Link” section of your profile.
Whenever you pair OMNI for the first time in COROS app, it will be automatically registered under the email associated with your COROS account. You can’t manually register OMNI again with a different email address.
Why is my OMNI already registered by someone else?
Whenever you pair OMNI for the first time in the COROS app, it will be automatically registered under the email associated with your COROS account. Be aware that OMNI can only be registered with one email once. If you still have trouble registering OMNI, please email info@coros.comwith a photo of 6-digit alpha/numeric number located on the sticker inside OMNI.
How to purchase COROS helmet accessories?
COROS helmet accessories (smart remote, mount kit, and pad kit) will be available for purchase on
Where is the OMNI available?
The OMNI is available for sale through some local bike shops and major retail channels in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Outside of these regions the product is available through IndieGoGo and ships internationally.
For local bike shop availability, please check our store locator:
Are COROS helmets certified?
Yes, OMNI and LINX are certified in the United States by the CPSC (Consumer Protection Safety Commission) and in Europe and Australia by their safety governing agencies.
Do I need to carry my phone while cycling?
To get the full benefit of your COROS helmet, you need to have your Bluetooth-enabled device with you so it's in Bluetooth proximity.
Can't find your question here?
Please submit questions to info@coros.comfor additional support. Please include the 6 digit ID listed inside OMNI in the email content.