Everyone Seeks Adventure, Let COROS help make your dreams a reality

The COROS Expedition Program is set up to help explorers accomplish their mountain adventures. Whether you are a mountaineer, alpine climber, skier, thru-hiker, trail runner, or have any other passion in the mountains, this program is for you. The purpose of this program is to assist individuals or teams looking to set a new goal in the mountains or attempt a new and challenging adventure. We are looking to be a part of experiences that will inspire the entire community.

COROS Expedition Members Receive:

Those selected for the COROS Expedition Program will receive one or multiple forms of support from the following:

  • Discounts off COROS products;
  • Free product sponsorship;
  • Adventure funding;
  • Social media exposure;
  • Opportunity to train with COROS Pro Athletes;
  • Direct line of communication with the COROS team.

Those interested must first complete the application process. Support is based on the needs and complexity of the applicants’ project.

COROS Expedition Members Expectations:

  • Positive Representation – As a member of the Expedition Program, you are an ambassador for the brand and are expected to represent COROS in a professional and positive manner.
  • Take COROS on your Adventures – Utilize your COROS product(s) and record your experiences in the backcountry or wherever your adventure takes you. Capture pictures, videos and other authentic content to share with the COROS team. Projects with the ability to include professional level photography/video will be given extra consideration.
  • Share and Engage – Share your adventure across social media channels including Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter or your own personal blog or website. Remember to tag COROS (@COROSGlobal) and engage with COROS on social media when appropriate.
  • Be an Advocate – You were selected in part because you are influential in your community and will inspire others to go on adventures of their own. Be an advocate for the COROS brand in online forums and offline in your daily interactions with other explorers.
  • Provide Feedback – COROS is constantly improving its products with firmware updates and you can be a huge part of what’s next for the brand. We want to know what works for you and just as importantly what doesn’t. We will reach out periodically to request your feedback.

Applicants Requirements

  • Your adventure should be something you have not yet achieved – pushing the boundaries of your own exploration. The primary objective of your adventure should be to inspire others to be active and to get outdoors.
  • The Expedition Program is for adults over 18 years old and with ability levels from moderate and above. Mountain adventures including high altitude mountaineering (14,000 ft and above), alpine technical climbing, ultra-long-distance running, and backcountry skiing will be given preference.
  • Explorers are evaluated based on their submitted Expedition. If your dream adventure includes a group, please include information in your application for all participants.
  • All adventures/projects must take place in 2019.


The application window will close on April 30th, 2019. Accepted applicants will be notified by the COROS team.

Before Applying please carefully review all of the above Expectations and Requirements.