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  • 2022/1/20

    V2.63 (COROS app update required)

    - Adds Adjusted Pace allowing EvoLab to measure your performance and fitness level when running on hilly terrain. - Adjusted Pace is supported in Run, Trail Run, XC Ski, and Ski Touring modes. - Adds Virtual Run mode to broadcast indoor run metrics like pace, cadence, and heart rate. - Supports CORE Body Temperature Sensor via Bluetooth. - Adds Water Temperature in Pool Swim and Open Water modes. - Adds Temperature Calibration. - Adds new lap notifications for structured workouts. - Adds Korean and Russian support as system language. - Optimizes GPS tracking. - Multiple algorithm enhancements such as heart rate, pace, elevation, and running power.

  • 2021/11/28

    V2.61 (COROS app update required)

    - Adds Walk mode to track key metrics including steps and distance. - Adds Italian support as system language. - Allows distance option in the Workouts rest lap. - Supports thermometer calibration. - Multiple algorithm enhancements such as heart rate, pace, cadence, and open water swimming. - Multiple bug fixes.

  • 2021/11/8


    -Fixes a bug in music playing that may cause the watch to restart

  • 2021/10/27


    - Multiple LIGHT key shortcut bug fixes.     - Fixes a bug that caused the workout to end when viewing Map via the LIGHT key shortcut.     - Fixes a bug that caused the dial to become unresponsive when viewing Map via the LIGHT key shortcut. - Multisport mode bug fixes. - Strength mode bug fixes. - Daily heart rate algorithms enhancements.

  • 2021/10/14


    Introducing Multi-Pitch Climbing mode. - Specifically designed for multi-pitch technical climbing activities. - Support of multiple climbing grading systems: Rock YDS, Rock French, Aid, Ice, and Mixed. - Allows users to record pitch counts and grades, and track approach, climbing, and descend separately. Introducing LIGHT Key Shortcut. - Allows access to one of your favorite features, such as Night Mode or Map by long-pressing the Backlight button. - Feature enhancements and bug fixes. Adds Italian support as system language. - Supports up to 5 workouts in Multisport mode. - Heart rate algorithm enhancements. - EvoLab algorithm enhancements. - Bike speed sensor distance tracking bug fixes.

  • 2021/9/14


    - Fixes a bug causing notification issues when paired with iOS devices. - Fixes a bug causing the watch to restart when searching for accessories. - Optimizes the file transfer speed with computer.

  • 2021/9/7


    - Further optimizes map experience with higher responsiveness. - Allows Heading Up on map direction even when the watch is not during navigation. - Adds Map Settings as one of the options in Toolbox. - Multiple bug fixes.

  • 2021/8/27


    - Fixes bugs in music playing which may cause the watch to restart.

  • 2021/8/20


    - Launch firmware for COROS VERTIX 2.