During the off-season, there's no need to completely abandon your training routine. Instead, it is a valuable time to focus on improving and addressing weaknesses. Bodyweight workouts offer a practical and effective way for runners to boost their strength, flexibility, and endurance. Plus, the added bonus is that this type of workout requires no equipment, so you can do it anywhere!

COROS Coaches explores how to incorporate Tabata-style workouts during the off-season that will help you maintain your fitness and become a stronger and more versatile runner.

What is a Tabata-Style workout?

Tabata workouts are a form of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) that can help you build speed, endurance, and overall strength, all without the need for any equipment. This type of workout is known for its intensity and effectiveness in a short amount of time.

The basic structure of a Tabata workout should follow a specific format:

  1. 20 seconds of high-intensity effort
  2. 10 seconds of rest
  3. 8 sets per exercise
  4. 2 minutes of rest between each exercise

Push-ups are a bodyweight exercise that can be modified for any level of fitness.

During the 20 seconds of work, your objective is to perform as many repetitions of the exercise as possible while maintaining proper form and intensity throughout.

Tabata Workout for All Athletes

Here is a Bodyweight Tabata Workout that you can download directly to your COROS watch.

Exercises that are part of a Tabata-style workout tend to engage large muscle groups and elevate your heart rate:

  • Bodyweight exercises: squats, push-ups, or burpees
  • Cardio exercises: sprints, cycling, or jumping rope
  • Using weights: kettlebell swings or dumbbell thrusters

A glimpse of the Bodyweight Tabata Workout available in the COROS Workout library.

Tabata workouts can be modified for different fitness levels. Beginners can start with less intense exercises or longer rest periods, while more advanced individuals can increase the intensity and reduce rest times.

Coaches Insights

Many athletes often have concerns about losing their fitness levels when not actively training for a specific race or endurance event. Tabata workouts provide an effective way to bridge the gap and ensure that you don't lose the fitness you've built during training.

This type of workout is a great way to improve your anaerobic fitness, helping your body generate more energy during quick bursts of intense effort and improving your overall endurance. After each workout, you can keep track in your COROS Training Log of how many repetitions you completed in each 20-second work interval and aim to improve your performance each week.

If you're new to high-intensity exercise, it is important to prioritize:

  • Proper warm-ups
  • Maintain good form
  • Gradually increase workout intensity to minimize the risk of injury.

Heart rate graph from a Tabata-style workout from the COROS Activity Page.

More Questions?

If you have questions about incorporating this type of workout into your training, email us at coach@coros.com, and we will be happy to share insights!