What is Training Load?

Training Load is a simple representation of how impactful your activities were on your body by looking at both the volume (how long it was) and the intensity (how hard it felt) of the activity. The higher the Training Load value is, the more difficult the activity was.

How can I benefit from Training Load?

Training Load is a universal way to quantify your training and measure your stress through activities over time. By understanding training load, you can more easily plan workouts to prevent overtraining and the potential for injury.

How can I plan my training based on Training Load?

By increasing your weekly Training Load (sum of all the Training Load scores of the week) for 3 weeks in a row, your body can easily adapt and get stronger over time.

Read more about how to best plan your training based on Training Load in our latest blog.

How to Earn the Training Load Badge

Three consecutive weeks of increased training load will unlock the Training Load challenge badge in your COROS app.

To view your Training Load: Progress Page > Training Load > Toggle to Weekly

To view your badges: Profile > Personal Record > Badges

Here's how we suggest earning the badge:

  1. Plan your training to reflect your personal Training Load targets.
  2. Be consistent with your training, and execute your plan! Increase your training load for three consecutive weeks between May 6th 2024 and June 16th 2024.
  3. After three weeks of consecutively increasing Training Load, earn the badge in the app.

How Do I Enter To Win a COROS Heart Rate Monitor?

Once you have earned the badge in your COROS app, you will be automatically entered into randomly winning a Heart Rate Monitor.

How can a COROS Heart Rate Monitor help my training?

Heart rate serves as a key indicator of workout intensity. Although COROS watches are equipped with top-tier wrist-based heart rate monitoring, wrists aren't the optimal location for optical sensors. The COROS Heart Rate Monitor, worn on the arm, provides superior accuracy and comfort. Elevate your training with precise measurements that truly enhance performance.

*Winners only eligible in the US, EU, UK, and Canada.