While road running offers convenience and consistency, trail running introduces a dynamic environment that brings unique physical and psychological benefits. These benefits can help make you a stronger and more adaptable runner on and off the trails.

COROS Coaches share their top reasons why trail running is a great addition to your training plan.

Why Spend More Time on the Trails

Variety in training.

Heading to the trails offers a nice break from the day-to-day grind of running on roads or a treadmill. On trails, you encounter everything from flat paths to steep hills and uneven ground.

Trail running engages different muscle groups and reduces the chance of repetitive injuries, which are more common in road running due to the constant and repetitive motion on flat surfaces. The varied challenges of trail running keep your body engaged and help maintain a healthy balance in muscle use and overall fitness.

Increases your Base Fitness.

The uneven and often soft surfaces of trails require your body to work harder than it does on the roads. This means that even if you're moving at a slower pace or covering less distance, you're still getting a strenuous workout. Regularly tackling the ups and downs of trail running boosts your endurance and strengthens the muscles in your legs, hips, and core. This will help to improve your Base Fitness no matter what season of training you are in.

Pro Tip: If you're used to running at a certain pace, utilize the COROS Effort Pace on your watch to see what your trail pace would correlate to on the road.

Helps Prevent Burnout.

Trail running often shifts the focus from pace and metrics to simply enjoying the run. This reduced focus on metrics benefits runners who are used to constantly pushing their limits on the road by requiring them to focus on other (more enjoyable!) aspects of their running experience.

coros heart rate monitor

Wear the COROS Heart Rate Monitor on the trails for accurate HR data.

New Workout

This workout is meant for any runner who is looking to get more experience on the trails. Begin with shorter, less technical trails and gradually build up your trail difficulty.

  • Tempo Trail Workout: This structured workout uses Effort Pace as an intensity target. This will help you focus simply on maintaining a consistent effort throughout the workout - no matter the terrain.

Safety always comes first. Download your route ahead of time and always let someone know where you are running. Bring extra hydration and fuel incase you end up spending more time on the trail than initially planned.

How Can COROS Coaches Help?

COROS Coaches are a team of dedicated and certified coaches who can guide you in your training and understanding your metrics, for free. Email them at coach@coros.com today and get the discussion going on how to train toward your goals!