A strong core is important for long-term success in running, not just for having six-pack abs. It helps you perform better on roads, trails, and wherever your running goals lead you.

Incorporating core workouts into your training routine doesn't require hours of grueling exercises. Simple, targeted exercises that engage the core muscles can benefit runners significantly. COROS Coaches have created a new easy 10-minute workout that you can do every day!

A Strong Core: The Foundation of Running

Think of your core as the foundation of a house. Just like a strong foundation supports the entire structure of a house, your core supports your entire body. If the foundation is weak, the house can develop cracks and become unstable. Similarly, if your core is weak, your body can develop imbalances and become prone to injuries. Strengthening your core is like reinforcing the foundation of your house, ensuring stability.

However, your core does more than just stabilize; it's also important to unlock extra power from your legs. It's like a bridge connecting your upper and lower body, making sure energy flows smoothly as you run. When your core is strong, your running feels easier and smoother, so you can go farther without feeling as tired.

Running puts a lot of strain on your body, especially your legs. If you lack core strength, it can affect how your body moves and increase the risk of injury. But by strengthening your core, you can lower the risk of common running injuries and keep enjoying your runs pain-free!

core workout

Make an exercise more challenging by adding weights or bands.

New Core Workout

COROS Coaches created a new core workout that is simple and can be added to your everyday routine. You can download this workout and others from our COROS Workout Library:

  • Core Workout: This is a simple 10-minute workout that you can do anywhere because there is no equipment required. If you want to make certain moves more challenging, you can add bands or weights.

All exercises have a video demo so that you know how to use proper form.

How Can COROS Coaches Help?

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