Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned runner, achieving your best 5K time requires more than just being able to run 3.1 miles. Targeted training, tailored specifically for the unique demands of the 5K distance, is the key to being able to push the limits on race day.

For the month of March, COROS Coaches will focus on workouts and training plans to help you train to either run your first race or set personal bests in the 5k or 10k.

Targeted Training with Intervals

Targeted training is important for runners because it is a time to focus on specific aspects of performance, such as speed, endurance, and strength. By tailoring workouts to address individual weaknesses and goals, runners can optimize their training and maximize improvements. It is easy to go into 5k training with an all-or-nothing mindset, but including targeted training helps to lower the risk of injury and overtraining by managing your training load.

Intervals are the perfect type of workout when training for a 5K because they effectively target both speed and endurance. By alternating between intense efforts and recovery periods, intervals help improve cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance, and overall speed.

Sync the structured workout to your watch and just run!

The Workout

Running and pacing a 5k takes a lot of practice. This is why it's important to include workouts that help to physically and mentally push past the discomfort you may feel on race day during your training. Here are two workouts that you can sync to your training calendar based on your fitness level and/or goal.  

Beginner runners aiming to run a >30 minute 5k

  • Workout: 5k Pace Intervals- Beginner
  • Main focus: push into your threshold pace, and focus on strong running form by using your arm swing and knee drive

Intermediate/Advanced runners aiming to run a <30 minute 5k

For this type of workout, it is important that you jog or walk the recoveries. Attempting to run the recovery intervals at a faster pace will potentially prevent you from being able to push during the harder intervals.

Example of the Intermediate/Advanced Workout

More to Come

We have received so many requests for shorter-distance training and the COROS Coaches team is excited to make it this month's focus. Check back to the COROS Training Blog each week for additional workouts and training plans.

If you have questions about this workout or training questions in general, email us at coach@coros.com, and we will be happy to share insights!