At COROS, we are continuously looking to improve your customer experience and facilitate your training journey through easy-to-understand metrics and graphs. This is why we want to introduce new Pace Zones as part of our EvoLab ecosystem!

How Do We Determine Pace Zones?

From now on, pace zones are determined using a well-structured scientific tool called the Pace-Duration Model, similar to the best-known Power-Duration Model in the cycling community. This method allows for three parameters to be calculated.

  • Maximal Speed: 1-sec maximum speed registered.
  • Anaerobic Work: The longest distance you can run in 1 minute.
  • Critical Speed: Also associated with your 10-km pace (Threshold Pace).

What Are the Pace Zones?

These three key parameters now allow for more personalization of Pace Zones for more accurate training.

Zone 1 (Recovery)

This range is ideal for improving fat utilization and recover in between harder sessions.

Zone 2 (Aerobic Endurance)

This range is ideal for improving your Base ability.

The boundary between zones 2 and 3 is called your Aerobic Threshold, an intensity at which your body uses a perfect mix of fat and carb as fuel.

Zone 3 (Aerobic Power)

This range is considered your tempo, ideal for improving your marathon pace.

Zone 4 (Threshold)

This range covers roughly 2-5% below and above your Threshold Pace, which is ideal for improving your Endurance ability.

Zone 5 (Anaerobic Endurance)

This range refers to your anaerobic capacity and is ideal for improving your Speed.

The boundary between zones 5 and 6 is referred to as your VO2 max pace, an intensity you can sustain for roughly 3-7min.

Zone 6 (Anaerobic Power)

This range refers to your sprint pace, which is ideal for improving your Sprint ability.

New Pace Zones are available both in Training Hub and the COROS app.

Effort Pace also works with these six pace zones. Make sure you use Effort Pace during trail or hilly runs to adapt your workout to your individualized effort.

Coaching Insights

As we understand how complex creating workouts can become, we have synthesized the Pace Zones in this chart below with an associated workout example to make planning easier.

Pace ZoneRunning Fitness AbilityIdeal Time Spent per workoutWorkout Example
RecoveryBase>2hEasy run
Aerobic EnduranceBase1-2hContinuous long run
Aerobic PowerEndurance>45minContinuous marathon pace
ThresholdEndurance~30minBeginner Threshold Development
Anaerobic EnduranceSpeed~15minBeginner VO2max Development
Anaerobic PowerSprint~8minTrack Pyramid – Short Distance

More Questions?

If you wish to get individualized insights from your data, please email us at, and we will be happy to help you in your training journey!