As the sport of climbing evolves, athletes are pushing their limits in the gym in order to send that next big project. In working with a few professional climbers on the COROS Team, we asked them to share some of their favorite workouts that provide the largest benefits. Crafted from a team of elite climbers, COROS now brings all climbers the ability to train in a structured manner to maximize their session. Explore below to see how some of the best climbers in the world tackle their indoor training sessions.

Climbing Workouts

All workouts are now available in the COROS Training Plan and Workout Library and can be synced directly to your calendar and watch. All climbing workouts are designed based on an "onsite" ability. Climbers should set their on-site ability within the COROS app which will adjust each workout to your own ability.

Indoor Bouldering

Designed to push your onsite abilities, Athletes Sasha DiGuilian, Stefano Ghisolfi, and Jacopo Larcher take you through different training methods to achieve your best. These are the workouts of the pro's, but designed to accomodate all climbing abilities.

Progressive Onsite Bouldering Workout by Sasha DiGuilian

Bouldering Competition Simulation by Stefano Ghisolfi

Bouldering Pyramid by Jacopo Larcher

Bouldern 4x4 by Jacopo Larcher

Indoor Lead Workouts

For athletes looking to build their endurance, these workouts were designed for you! Athletes Babsi Zangerl and Stefano Ghisolfi take you through workouts pushing your ability while incorporating muscular and cardiovascular endurance.

Doubles Pure Endurance Training by Babsi Zangerl

Power Endurance by Babsi Zangerl

Progressive Onsite Lead Workout by Stefano Ghisolfi

Strength Workouts

For those looking for a proper warm up, or a day away from the wall, follows the strength sessions of Stefano Ghisolfi and Sasha DiGuilian as they target specific muscles and movements to enhance your climbing ability.

Climbing Strength by Stefano Ghisolfi

Climbing Fingerboard Endurance Workout by Sasha DiGulian

How to Create Your Own Climbing Workouts

While we have worked with our pro athletes to share some of their favorite workouts, you can also create your own structured workouts for Indoor Climbs and Bouldering through the COROS Training Hub or app. Here are the instructions for creating and syncing the workouts to your watch.

Structured workout builder found in the COROS Training Hub.

COROS and Climbing

COROS is the only GPS watch built with climbing in mind. Whether you're focusing on your strength, tracking indoor workouts, or heading outdoors to send your next multi-pitch project, COROS is built for every step of the journey. Athletes now have the ability to gain deeper insights into not only what their body is going through, but also ensure their outdoor activities are tracked with extreme precision. With the all-new vertical GPS algorithm for outdoor climbing, know exactly where you were on the wall and what it felt like to experience the rush of big wall climbing.