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    It’s tough to overcome the physical and mental challenges that come with training, competition, and pursuing your dreams. It’s natural to avoid discomfort, but every time you push your limits, you become stronger, faster, and more skilled. Every time you recover, you build the resilience and determination that will turn your dreams into reality.

    No one knows this more than Tommy Caldwell. After losing his index finger in a 2001 table-saw accident, 23-year-old Tommy patiently worked through his excruciating pain to navigate himself back to the top of the professional climbing world - making the first-ever free climb of the Dawn Wall, and setting the current speed record on The Nose.

    Discomfort is temporary, but the satisfaction of achieving your goals will last a lifetime. Take a sip of motivation every time you workout with this exclusive mug, limited to only 5000 units worldwide. Tommy's iconic handprint will always remind you that with the right mindset...

    Product Details

    • + Double-wall 18/8 (304) stainless steel
    • + Rust proof and dishwasher safe
    • + Isothermal anti-burn design
    • + Mouth opening lid & removable seal
    • + Capacity: 12.85 fl.oz / 0.38 L
    • + Solvent-free laser-etched branding
    • + Weight: 9 oz / Dimensions: Ø 3.3" x 4.4"
    • + Bisphenol A (BPA) Free
    Commit To Progress
    Progress happens when we commit to a goal - so what goals are you committing to in 2023? Give yourself some extra motivation by inspiring us and your friends with the goals you're prepared to suffer for this year. If entering a race is one of your goals, COROS will reimburse race entry fees after participation of up to $200 for 5 individuals. All you have to do is tell us your 2023 goals and why they're important. You can participate on Instagram, Facebook and Strava by tagging COROS, and using #painisprogress
    Purchase of the mug is not necessary for a chance to win, and all posts correctly tagged before February 28th will be considered for the prize drawing. Whatever your goals are and however you choose to commit, we wish you every success in achieving them.