Results are important, but they aren't everything. Just ask professional marathoner Emma Bates, who takes pride in keeping running fun, no matter what the ups and downs are.

The all-new COROS x Emma Bates Band for PACE 3 embodies Emma's competitive spirit and joyful approach to running. The band features a teal nylon strap, which is Emma's favorite color. The phrase "Run Hard" is printed on the inside of the band, while "Have Fun" is displayed on the outside. These simple, yet powerful words have carried her through a lifetime of competitive running. Whether she's racing a US championship, or going for an adventurous trail run with her dog Nuka, Emma's perspective remains the same.

Read below to learn the inspiring story behind the band, and how you too can carry these words of wisdom every time you go for a run.

The Meaning Behind "Run Hard. Have Fun."

This phrase, while short and sweet, carries a deep, personal meaning for Emma. Growing up, Emma's dad would leave her a note on the kitchen counter before every race she ran. It read "Good Luck. Run Hard. Have Fun. Love, Dad." According to Emma, the note was succinct and endearing, just like his outward demeanor.

An original note from Emma Bates' dad.

I never really thought about it much growing up since he was a man of few words," she says. "I always loved receiving those three lines though.

In October of 2016, Emma learned that her father Joseph Bates was battling a rare form of lung disease. The news was devastating, as his health was declining rapidly without many answers for Emma and her family. Just a week later on October 9th, Emma ran the Twin Cities 10-Miler in Minnesota, placing 11th overall in the women's elite field. This would be the last race her father would see her run. Later that month, Emma's father passed away. It was sudden, and hard for Emma to grasp, which took a huge emotional toll on her. At the 2016 Olympic Trials, she ran 40 seconds off her personal best in the 10,000m.

In 2018, she ran the TC 10-Miler again, but this year was different. That year, she says she finally took her dad's advice. "I Ran Hard and I Had Fun," she wrote in an Instagram post. "My dad simplified something that I always thought was so complicated. He understood that to be great is to also not take things too seriously. I never knew those lines he wrote held so much wisdom until I finally practiced them. I ran the entire course of the TCM 10 Mile with a smile on my face (at times a grimace) knowing that no matter what, this is fun. I don’t do this for money, I don’t do this for fame, I do this for the love of it. I felt an incredible closeness to my dad during this race and I expect to feel the same in the races to come."

Emma and her dad, Joseph Bates, at a high school cross-country meet. Emma ran for Elk River High School in Minnesota.

On Living Your Life to the Fullest

When Emma looks back on her dad's life, she knows he was an extremely hard worker and someone who cared deeply for his family. However, Emma says he prioritized work over happiness, and that's something she knew she wanted to do differently. When her dad passed away, she asked herself, am I really living life to the fullest? At the time, she was living and training with the BAA in Boston, but she wasn't happy in that situation. Her life was only about running, and she didn't make time for the things she truly loved.

"Running is just a small part of my life," she explains. This may come as a surprise to some, since Emma is a full-time professional runner who makes a living off training, racing, and talking about running. In reality, the reason Emma is a successful athlete is because she has learned how to balance running, hobbies, and her personal life, and at the end of the day, she doesn't try to take it so seriously. For Emma, results are secondary. The journey and the joy along the way are what matter most.

I don't do this for the money, I don't do this for the fame, I do this for the love of it.

Emma has a tattoo of an armadillo on her left wrist. This was her dad's favorite animal for many reasons, as armadillos are resilient, independent, and good caretakers.

COROS x Emma Band for PACE 3

The COROS x Emma Band is made for PACE 3 and is available globally. The band features a teal nylon strap that attaches with velcro, featuring the printed phrase "Run Hard" on the inside, and "Have Fun" on the outside.

Now, you can carry these words of wisdom on your wrist and be inspired to run like Emma Bates every time you lace up your shoes. Every day, we have the opportunity to wake up and give our best, all while appreciating the small moments that bring us joy. When we feel motivated by what makes us happy, instead of by performance and results, we can achieve things in life we never knew possible.