IRVINE, California / DECEMBER 27th, 2023 - COROS is pleased to announce the release of the 2023 Annual Report. It will be available to all COROS users on December 28th, 2023.

The Annual Report serves as a comprehensive overview of users' training journeys throughout the year, offering valuable insights and a chance to reflect on their progress. Packed with exciting features, the report presents a detailed analysis of users' performance in 2023 compared to the previous year, their most impactful training day, an interactive map showcasing activity locations worldwide, and much more.

Key highlights of the 2023 Annual Report include:

  • Year at a Glance: Provides an overview of the year, including a summary of your activities, hours spent, distance covered, elevation gain, and more.
  • Stand Out Moments: See your most memorable training days, the most active month, and your heaviest training load.
  • Your Best Results This Year: This showcases the races you completed and your finish times, including any personal bests.
  • Most Popular Activity Mode: Find out which activity you engaged in the most, along with the total number of times you performed that activity.
  • Year-over-Year Training Comparisons: This allows you to identify areas of improvement and track your progress over time.
  • Specialty Badges Earned: Receive recognition for your achievements and milestones throughout the year by earning specialty badges.
  • Popular Locations: A map highlighting the most popular locations where you recorded your activities.

COROS users can access their personalized 2023 Annual Report directly through the COROS App. It will be available for download and review, empowering users to better understand their training data and celebrate their accomplishments.

Your personal stories are invaluable to us, so please share your experiences, plans for utilizing your information to enhance training, or both! We are eager to witness the impact training data has had on your lives over the past year.

You can access the media kit here. We look forward to hearing from you.

About COROS:

COROS is a performance sports technology company that helps athletes train to be their best. For COROS, it all starts with the outdoors, mountains, and a passionate, active lifestyle. We combine high-grade hardware with innovative technology to provide endurance athletes with the gear they rely on in the world’s most extreme environments. Advanced technology with an efficient and intuitive user experience is at our core – when you use a COROS product, you know you are getting a tool that has been designed, tested, and perfected for the athlete by the athlete. COROS users have set world records and have been to the highest point on earth, pushing our products to the extremes. At COROS, creation and innovation are never-ending. Our customers, the athletes, make COROS – be a part of our community @COROSGlobal on Strava, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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