IRVINE, California / April 19th, 2024 - COROS announces their April 2024 Feature Update, a major release  that includes Screen Mirroring, outdoor climbing GPS improvements, a better way to pace running workouts and races, and cycling fitness insights. The April 2024 Update makes it easier than ever for COROS users to use their watches, track GPS activities with precision, and train to the best of their potential.

With our April 2024 Feature Update, we are bringing important innovations to athletes that we hope will help them train better and track their outdoor adventures with confidence. We've reimagined the way that your phone and watch can work together for the best training experience. After thorough testing and development, we're excited to bring climbers the most accurate GPS tracking device for vertical terrain, where GPS was previously known to be unreliable. This update includes many more features that we hope all athletes will benefit from.

- Lewis Wu, CEO and Co-Founder of COROS Wearables

Screen Mirroring Makes Your Watch Even Easier-to-Use

During some activities, using only your watch to display data or navigation may not be the ideal experience. Screen Mirroring allows your watch and phone to work together seamlessly, bringing an entirely new experience for how you interact with both your COROS watch and phone, showing you the information you need in the easiest-to-view format.

Screen mirroring is also available while using navigation. This can be particularly useful during cycling, hiking, or climbing when you want to see more map details.

Get the Most Accurate Data with Updated Outdoor Climb Mode

Even with dual-frequency, accurate GPS tracking for climbers, tackling steep walls, chimneys, or off-width cracks has been a challenge for all GPS watch brands. COROS has taken a significant step forward in solving this problem with an optimized GPS algorithm for Outdoor Climb mode.

A Better Way to Pace Workouts and Races

Virtual Pacer allows runners to use their watches as virtual pacers to either set their pace goals using time/pace/distance or race against their own previous time on the same route or distance.

Fitness Insights for Cyclists

FTP Test - Measuring your FTP is the best way to understand your cycling fitness level and optimize your training zones. Completed on an indoor trainer with a power meter, the COROS FTP test simplifies the typical 20-minute all-out effort method to deliver accurate results through a set of guided intervals.

Rollout Schedule for Updates

Public Beta

  • April 24 - PACE 3, APEX 2, APEX 2 Pro, VERTIX 2
  • May 16 - PACE 2, APEX Pro, VERTIX 1

App Store Release

  • May 10 - PACE 3, APEX 2, APEX 2 Pro, VERTIX 2
  • June 7 - PACE 2, APEX Pro, VERTIX 1

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