IRVINE, California / NOVEMBER 18th, 2023 – Today COROS announced their November 2023 Feature Update. A highlight feature of this update includes their Personalized Marathon Plan, which walks users through a simple step-by-step process of automatically generating a marathon plan in alignment with their goals and race date, adjusting to the criteria set by the user.

Also included in this update is automatic heart rate variability (HRV) tracking, which will be released to all COROS watches* in a firmware update. HRV is measured overnight when the watch is worn to sleep, providing a daily measurement to compare to your standard range, and weekly/monthly trend views to better understand how training, sleep, nutrition, lifestyle changes, and even sickness impact your HRV.

Other updates include Custom Activity mode, allowing users to create and track their unique workouts, on-watch weather data, and the global release of Turn by Turn navigation. The PACE 2 will receive added activity modes including: Hike, Trail Run, Ski, Snowboard, and XC Ski to bring even more value to current PACE 2 users across the world.

The update will be a staged release, with initial availability for the Public Beta on November 23rd for PACE 3, APEX 2, APEX 2 Pro, and VERTIX 2 users. PACE 2, APEX Pro, and VERTIX 1 users will receive access to sign up for the Public Beta on November 13th. App store releases are on December 11th for PACE 3, APEX 2, APEX 2 Pro, and VERTIX 2, while PACE 2, APEX Pro, and VERTIX 1 users will receive the app store release on December 27th.

Head to for full details and to sign up to be notified when the Public Beta is available.

Click here to view the COROS November 2023 Feature Update Media Kit.

*APEX 42mm/46mm and PACE 1 do not support HRV.

About COROS:

COROS is a performance sports technology company that helps athletes train to be their best. For COROS it all starts with the outdoors, mountains, and a passionate active lifestyle. We combine high-grade hardware with innovative technology to provide endurance athletes with the gear they rely on in the world’s most extreme environments. Advanced technology with an efficient and intuitive user experience is at our core – when you use a COROS product, you know you are getting a tool that has been designed, tested and perfected for the athlete, by the athlete. COROS users have set World Records and been to the highest point on earth, pushing our products to the extremes. At COROS, creation and innovation are never-ending. Our customers, the athletes make COROS – be a part of our community @COROSGlobal on Strava, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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