• COROS VERTIX 2 Carabiner

Built for the demands of expert climbers and ready for anyone who wants to wear their VERTIX 2 off-wrist, our 2nd generation carabiner will securely keep your watch in easy reach when you need it. Whether you’re ascending a technical crack-climbing route or out hiking in the wilderness, full GPS tracking operation will continue to work flawlessly in the all-new carabiner. If you want to keep tracking your heart rate data, pairing with any external Heart Rate Monitor will make sure you never miss a beat.

Locking Gate
Ensures the carabiner cannot accidentally open.
Sensor Protection
Body shields watch sensors from scratches.
Lightweight & Durable
High-grade materials weigh in at just 40 grams.
Trigger Lock
Added security to stop accidental watch release.
Screw Stopper
Prevents the locking screw from being over-tightened.
Release Trigger
Easy to operate, yet hard to activate by mistake.
Not built as UIAA-certified climbing safety equipment. Not appropriate for motion sensing data, such as cadence, jump rope counts or strength training reps.