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    Image of a runner with PACE 2
    Image of eliud Kipchoge wearing PACE 2
    Front angle image of PACE 2 Blue Steel
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    So Light It Could Fly

    From just 29g with the COROS nylon band, COROS PACE 2 is the lightest GPS watch in the world at its launch. Don’t let yourself get weighed down by more than you need, with the COROS PACE 2 you will be ready for your new personal best – be it in a race or in the weight room.

    Image of a runner with PACE 2

    A Force to be Reckoned With

    COROS PACE 2 has a 1.5x more powerful processor, offers 5x more RAM and 4x more storage than the original COROS PACE, leaving plenty of room for expanded features. COROS PACE 2 will be your training partner for the long haul.

    Image of PACE 2 processors

    Every Second Counts

    We know that every second counts when you are racing for a new Personal Best, so COROS helps you spend less time struggling to get the important information you need. With a new design, featuring the COROS Digital Dial, COROS PACE 2 creates an even simpler user experience. Get your splits, check your HR or plan your next workout all using just one finger.

    Image of PACE 2 track run mode

    Packs a Punch

    Thanks to the magic of COROS’ efficiency of COROS GPS battery technology, COROS PACE 2 offers 30 hours of full GPS battery life. That’s a 20% increase from the original COROS PACE. If you need your battery to last even longer, switch to UltraMax for nearly half the battery consumption.

    Image of PACE 2 battery usage

    Endurance on Your Wrist

    COROS PACE 2 offers 20 days of daily use. That’s 20 days of tracking heart rate and sleeping, triggering backlight, measuring steps, getting notifications and even alarms every day. So, leave your charger behind, and travel for your next race, game or family vacation with confidence.

    Image of a runner with PACE 2

    Light up the Night’s Sky

    Night Mode is our always-on mode for nighttime activities. It leaves the backlight on for the entirety of your workout. A light bright enough so your eyes can adjust and read in the dark but dim enough to maintain superior battery performance throughout your run or ride, even when needed all night long. Don’t worry, it turns off automatically when you finish your workout, or one hour after the sunrise.

    Image of PACE 2 watch face at night

    Laps on Land or in the Sea

    Whether you are swimming in the pool, or training in the ocean, with a 50-meter water resistance rating, you can wear COROS PACE 2 to track your activities in the water as well as on land.

    Image of PACE 2 water resistance rating

    New Possibilities

    With a roughly 50% weight reduction from the silicone band, the COROS Nylon Watch Band is more breathable and offers new color options, giving you endless opportunities to make your own personal statement. The Nylon bands will also allow for a more comfortable and snug fit which should improve the already strong heart rate accuracy, especially during long sweaty workouts on warm days.

    Image of PACE 2

    Something for Every Athlete

    COROS PACE 2 is jam packed with the sport modes you’ve been looking for. Go beyond your standard Run, Bike or Swim, and test out the new Strength Mode, or explore the accuracy of Track Run mode or get wet and wild with the all new Flat Water mode.

    Image of PACE 2 indoor rower mode

    Your New Personal Trainer

    The Strength Training program has over 200 exercises already built in for upper body, lower body, core work and more. COROS PACE 2 auto-detects your body movements and monitors your heart rate and calories burned.

    Image of a runner with PACE 2

    Muscle Heatmap

    Once you’re done, check out the all new muscle heatmap to see which muscle groups saw the most action in a daily, weekly, or monthly view, to help determine your next block of training.

    Image of strength training with PACE 2 Image of COROS app body heatmap function

    Learn from the Best and Share

    Have a workout you love? Don’t keep it to yourself, share it with your friends with the touch of your finger in the COROS app. We have pre-designed workouts and training plans from COROS athletes and their coaches available for free on Just download to start your next workout.

    GIF of COROS app structured workouts function
    COROS app profile page
    COROS app structured workouts page
    COROS app create a workout
    COROS app strength workouts list
    COROS app sample strength workout details
    COROS app sample strength workout
    COROS app sample strength workout sharing
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    Every Second Counts

    A standard track is 400m, so why can’t GPS devices seem to get it right? With the new Track Run Mode from COROS, a proprietary algorithm as accurate as a stopwatch, is used to make sure your track runs, and workouts are measured accurately regardless of which lane you choose. Gone are the random zigzags across the field, or sharp angled turns, replaced with the smooth straightaways and curves of the track – just like how you run.

    GIF of track run mode

    Powerful AND Smart

    COROS watches offer everything you have come to expect from a GPS Sports Watch, plus some of the most desirable aspects of a smart watch including phone notifications, caller ID, Sleep Tracking and Fitness Level analysis.

    Size and Weight

    42 x 42 x 11.7mm
    35g-36g With Silicone Band
    29g-30g With Nylon Band


    Display Size
    1.2 Inch
    Display Resolution
    240 x 240 64 colors
    Display Type
    Always-On Memory LCD


    Screen Material
    Corning® Glass
    Bezel Material
    Fibre Reinforced Polymer
    Cover Material
    Fibre Reinforced Polymer
    Band Material

    Watch Band

    Installation Type
    Quick Release


    Buttons & Dials
    Digital Dial
    Back Button


    Data Sync
    COROS App


    Water Resistance
    5 ATM Suitable for surface water activities and not for diving
    Working Temperature
    -4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C)
    Storage Temperature
    -4°F to 149°F (-20°C to 65°C)


    Standard Full GPS (GPS/QZSS)
    30 Hours Connects to GPS and QZSS
    All Systems On (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Beidou, QZSS)
    Dual Frequency (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Beidou, QZSS)
    Daily Use
    20 Days
    Charging Time
    Less Than 2 Hours

    Geo Location

    Satellite Systems
    GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Beidou, QZSS
    GNSS Chipset


    Map Layer
    Additional Features
    Deviation Alert

    Data Tracking

    Optical Heart Rate Monitor May not work over tattoos
    Barometric Altimeter
    3D Compass
    Thermometer Supports body temperature in training (with compatible accessory)
    Training Features
    Resting Heart Rate
    On-Wrist Running Power
    Underwater Heart Rate
    Action Camera Control Supports select GoPro and Insta360 cameras
    Virtual Run
    Daily Features
    Updateable Firmware With the COROS app
    Find My Phone
    Find My Watch
    Backlight Always-On Mode

    3rd Party Integration

    Compatible Apps
    Komoot, TrainingPeaks, Strava, Relive, adidas Running, Apple Health, Stryd, Final Surge, Runalyze, Running Quotient, Decathlon Click here for a complete list

    System Languages

    Display Language
    English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, German, Spanish, French, Polish, Thai, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Italian, Russian