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Running Fitness Algorithm Update

We've heard your feedback and updated our Running Fitness algorithm to increase the sensitivity of your Running Fitness Scores. This update provides more actionable feedback on your training by showing slight changes more frequently. Depending on the frequency and intensity of your training you can expect the Running Fitness scores to change every 2-5 runs on average, but don't expect a change after every run. Additionally, the individual ability scores will change more frequently than your overall Running Fitness Score, but both will update more regularly now 🎉

New Running Fitness Terms

Base Fitness is a core metric for COROS users, but we've seen some confusion with this and our "Base" Running Fitness ability. To improve clarity, we have made the following updates to our Running Fitness terminology:

  • Previously named "Base" has been renamed to "Endurance"
  • Previously named "Endurance" has been renamed to "Threshold".

These terms better characterize the speeds associated with these abilities, and help define Base Fitness as our primary metric.

While we can't all be professional athletes, it's helpful to see how their Base Fitness fluctuates across different phases of training. If you're interested in learning about how some of our professional athletes utilize Base Fitness in their training, check out this article on the subject: How Do Pro Athletes Use The COROS Base Fitness Metric.

Running Fitness Test Update

The Running Fitness Test is a quick way to assess and update your current fitness data. Previously this test relied on Effort Pace to ensure you are maintaining the assigned intensity throughout the test, but in an update coming soon, we will be switching to a more stable Real Time Pace metric for test guidance, leading to a more seamless test experience.

November 2023 Feature Update

Rolling out next week is our last major software update of the year, adding features like: Personalized Marathon Plans, Overnight HRV, Custom Activity mode, and more. The firmware update will be available for PACE 3, APEX 2 / 2 Pro, and VERTIX 2 watch models to start, with more models receiving the update later this month. We are excited to hear what you think of this update and what you might like to see included in future updates!

You can read all about the new features provided by this software update in this article.


COROS Coaches Training Camp

After the successful debut of our COROS Coaches Training Camp this past Fall, we will be announcing a second training camp in the coming months. Scheduled to begin early next year, we're opening up 50 early access spots in the camp to recipients of this newsletter. Apply using the link below for a chance to be selected to participate. Even if you don't apply or get selected, you can always receive personalized training guidance from our COROS Coaches at anytime.


Access the Toolbox DURING an Activity

Most COROS users know that a long press of the back button is the quick way to access the toolbox, but few know that this also works while you're in the middle of tracking a workout. This is useful if you want to change alerts in your Activity Settings in the middle of a run, or if you want to start navigating a route during a hike. Check out this Instagram video to see it in action!

Here are a couple of articles we recently published on topics you may find interesting:

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